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In today's world, people are bombarded with words and images. They are powerful. Individuals are shaped by what they see and hear, for better or for worse.  If pictures are worth a thousand words, then we want them to be inspired. We want the moments we capture to not be a fleeting trend that will leave us as empty as the next. We want the moments we create in time to be inspired for all of time.


There's an old saying, “You get what you pay for,” and with Evelyn Adams Photography, I want to be sure the process is top quality from the session to the editing to the final print or product. We live in a digital age where pictures are "a dime a dozen." But it may be difficult to find a photo that is worthy of being displayed in your home.... let alone be blown up without looking like a pixelated mess. When looking for a professional photographer, the market is saturated with photographers who have fancy cameras. Yet few actually have the knowledge and experience to create a professional-grade photograph every time they shoot. That's where I come in as your professional fine art photographer. I have both the knowledge and experience to create top quality, professional-grade photos every time! You will not have to wonder whether your photos will look good because they will look great! I take you from the creativity of the photo session with proper lighting equipment to the resulting artistic portraits to printing and hanging portraits on your wall. I am confident that you'll love not only the session and the photos, but also the final prints and products we offer. If you are wanting to preserve your life's meaningful moments, call me to book for one of my sessions below or fill out my contact form.


I find that so many people are looking for home decor. Many people are willing to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on artwork of places and things they love. That's wonderful! That's why we sell inspired Fine Art too. But we also believe among that decor should be wall art and other tangible keepsakes. My portraiture is carefully composed and designed to be displayed in your home as artwork in many forms, from the wall art to the custom wooden memory boxes to the trendy magnets. I specialize in custom sessions where I work to create artistic portraits that reflect personality or portray your family's element. Evelyn Adams Photography will help create the custom session you envision. From your baby's giddy expressions splashing in the tub to your child splashing in puddles to the adventurous family rafting down the river. The possibilities are endless. Photos will be cherished for generations to come. They are timeless. When photos are taken right, everyone will remember them and want to display them. I take each session as a challenge to create those type of photos-- photos you and your family will love! I take you from the creativity of the photo session with proper lighting to the resulting artistic portraits to printing and hanging portraits on your wall. I believe portraits with personality and family interactions displayed throughout our homes can give powerful visual reminders of what is most important in life. At Evelyn Adams Photography, "it's not just a photo, it's art."



Photography means "painting with light." Yet so many photographers neglect proper lighting- even outdoors! There is more to good lighting than just having a sun or using a flash. Without the right light, you end up with unflattering, shadowed or harsh lighted pictures where you will look your worst. Yes, that's right, with the wrong lighting, you will look your worst! But with Evelyn Adams Photography, I want you to look your best. That is why I am particular about lighting, whether indoors or outdoors. The only way to achieve this is to have proper lighting equipment and setup. I bring my lighting equipment with me to the location of your choice, whether indoors or outdoors. This will result in beautiful skin tones and radiant photos every single time!



I have heard one too many times of people losing a computer or device full of photos that were never printed or shared. Or seen the many framed prints with the glass sliding down and the backing coming apart. Or that print you finally got printed, only to find out it is pixelated or everyone has orange-looking skin. This can be both disappointing and a waste of time and money. Why not pay to get the quality of print you'll love every. single. time! This is why Evelyn Adams Photography now offers prints and products when you book a session with me.  Our prices are both affordable and the quality top notch. Professional-grade print quality you won't find from your local, chain, or online discount stores or services. I offer canvas, metal, framed and paper prints, as well as other custom printed products. I give each printed photo and product the care and attention it deserves. Shop with ease right from your personal online gallery. I check the cropping, color calibration, resolution, sharpness, and other details for each individual print. My products exhibit fine art quality from the print on your wall to the trendy magnet on your fridge! And if I don't offer the printed product you want, let me know. I'll get it for you. Products are outlined in the following list (Click Here to view our Prints & Products page):


Canvas Wall Art
Framed Wall Art
Professional Paper Prints
Wood Boxes, Magnets, Cell Phone Covers
Quality Photo Albums
Digital Files


  • Sizes: ranges from 12x12 to 36x54

  • Superb Quality: it will never crack, fade, warp or crease

  • Gallery & Museum Grade Canvas: Archival-certified and OBA

  • Acid-free, Neutral PH, Scratch-resistant Laminate Protective Coating with NO Additives or Agents

  • Poly-Cotton Blend Matte Canvas

  • 100% Satisfaction & Lifetime Gaurantee

  • Color correction (no orange skin tones!), resolution, and sharpness adjustments for each print

  • Hanging Hardware Installed and Nail Included!


  • Sizes: ranges from 12x12 to 30x40

  • Metal Prints are a new art medium for preserving photos by infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets

  • Gallery Grade Metal Print: Image is infused into the surface and not on it

  • Photos have an almost Magical Luminescence

  • Ultra-hard scratch-resistant surface

  • Waterproof/Weatherproof (just avoid direct sunlight)

  • Color correction (no orange skin tones!), resolution, and sharpness adjustments for each print

  • Easily cleaned with window cleaner and soft rag

GALLERY-GRADE FRAMED WALL ART (Professional Paper Print Included) $139-$669

  • Sizes: ranges from 8x12 to 24x36

  • Handmade Gallery Series Frames free of flaws with perfectly aligned corners

  • Selection of various colors & sizes from Gallery-grade Wood or Gallery Series Frame Collections

  • Prints are Professional Grade Photo Paper with Lustre Surface (see details below)

  • Print is Mounted on 1/4" foam board within Frame for Ultra durability

  • Layer Safe Acrylic (not glass) to Protect Framed Print

  • Color correction (no orange skin tones!), resolution, and sharpness adjustments for each print

  • Finished with Paper backing and Wire Hanger


  • Great option if you already have frames for your prints

  • Sizes:ranges from 4x6 to 16x24

  • Professional Grade Photo Paper with Lustre Surface

  • Printed with top of the line Professional Printers with High Yield Toners

  • Color correction (no orange skin tones!), resolution, and sharpness adjustments for each print

  • Quality you won't find in your local, chain, and online discount stores


  • Sizes: 8x8 & 12x12 Albums

  • Square Die Cut or Leather-lux Album

  • Thick Sturdy Pages with custom artistic pebble texture

  • 100% professional-grade photo paper

  • Flush mount pages

  • Color correction (no orange skin tones!), resolution, and sharpness adjustments for each print


  • Wooden Memory Box with Full Bleed Photo Printed Lid Printed over a White Finished $125

    • Size: 8x12 4 inch depth​

  • Stylish & Trendy Magnets for Announcements, Gifts, or Trendy House Decor

    • Photo Wrapped Magnets: $7-$9 (Set of 5 for $25-$30)

      • Size: 2.5x3.5​ or 3x3

      • Unique trendy magnets that make awesome gifts

  • Custom Photo Printed Cell Phone Covers $29

    • ​Cover adorned with a Vibrant Metal Print infused on Aluminum​​. Print is scratch-resistant and easy to clean. Material is either high quality rubber or hard plastic, depending on the model.  


  • Fear not. If you still like the comfort and option of having those digital files, you can purchase them separately for $50 for each file or they are included in our Custom Fine Art Package. Yep, "you can have your cake and eat it too."

  • Custom Photo Cover Case included

  • USB drive filled with all edited high resolution files from the session

  • Print Release to print photos anytime, anywhere!

Metal Wall Art
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