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Welcome to the Alaskan Gallery, a family-owned and operated gallery and snack stand. The gallery supports over 50 Alaskan-owned businesses, including the owners iconic photographic art. There are currently 2 locations, in Nenana and Kantishna, with a 3rd location in the works. They live and thrive in the northern area of Nenana, Alaska (near Fairbanks). All locations are currently only operated seasonally, with an occasional winter Christmas Festival. 


The gallery is known for its photographic art from artists Samuel and Evelyn Verhagen, husband and wife. They have now been featured all over from "The Alaska Life" to contest winner of "Fine Art Photography," where "Denali's Majesty" was featured with over 800,000 viewers. Although grateful for such recognition, their photographic art speaks for itself with its inspired composition, lighting and stories. In addition, they offer a variety of limited edition prints, adding greater value to their collection.


The gallery also features Alasakn artists throughout the state. It is not limited to the art on your wall. Artists create a variety of unique, trendy, and creative pieces with Alaskan designs, features, and trademarks. It is full of art that reaches all the senses from majestic sights, to refreshing smells, to pure tastes of the Alaska region. Some of the products by the gallery's artists include leather and canvas handbags, scarves, metal artwork, hand-turned wood bowls, birch kitchenware, precious metal and stones jewelry, watercolor jewelry, trendy clothing, Alaskan flavors from birch brittle to fireweed honey, and much more. This is really what makes the Alaskan Gallery one of the most remarkable galleries in Alaska to visit. 

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