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Samuel Verhagen


Growing up in a small town in Alaska, my siblings and I learned to work hard. Education was important, so I received degrees in Accounting and Construction Management. My brothers and I have since worked together to build and design beautiful homes.


A love for nature stemmed in my youth from hiking and exploring the northern regions of Alaska. I wanted to be able to preserve the moments I witnessed that were so meaningful to me; the 10 minutes it took the sun to set or the 30 seconds it took for the Aurora to dance across the night sky. I wanted to freeze these moments in time and hang them on my wall. I wanted to make these moments available to those around me, including family, friends, Alaskan communities, and those who visit our beautiful state.


As a father of four boys, I didn't know if I would have the time to become a professional photographer, but when my wife began to progress as a portrait photographer I decided that perhaps this was my opportunity as well. In my early years, I started off practicing lighting basics with an i-phone camera and quickly advanced with a DSLR camera. My work began to take shape and I continued developing my skills as an artist and landscape photographer. After many years of education, practice and application, I am finally living some of my life-long dreams.

My work is important to me, but sharing it with others is even more important. I like to create images with depth, feeling, vibrancy, saturation and color. When I capture a scene, I want people to experience it. I want people to stand and gaze at the majesty of the Aurora as though they were watching it dance across the sky or marvel at the majesty of Denali as if they were there.

Words can't describe how I feel about the moments I try to capture, so I want my photograph to say it all. I feel that life is made up of fleeting moments, but when those moments are brought back to life through an image, time stands still. Great joy comes to me when I have seen friends, family, and strangers be filled with wonder and amazement as they behold the scenes on display.

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