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Reflections of Alaska Metal Art
  • Reflections of Alaska Metal Art


    by Evelyn Adams

    Alaska Train Cart in Healy Alaska

    While I travel the road of the last frontier, I looked off to my right and saw a trail. I wondered to myself, "Should stop and travel down it?" Time is always something of a hindrance and I thought, "This time I will forbear." But the trail called out to me and I felt I must partake. As I walked down the little cold trail the ground still slightly frozen beneath my feet, I looked up and saw all that I have experienced in this great land. The mountains of this rugged country, the evergreen trees standing tall, the waters that dot this land and the snow atop the hill side. The train that reminds me of journeys I’ve taken, and other paths that I’ve been down. There are many places I have traveled but this road, the road of the last frontier is something different. As I reflect on Alaska and my time here, no matter what I do and where I go, I will always be grateful I took this road-- the road less traveled. Yes, it has made all the difference.


    Fine Art Photography Print on Glossy Metal 

    Mounted in Harvest Gold Float Frame

    Limited Prints: Gold Framed 20x30 Metal Glossy Surface

    Signature of Photographer



    Framed Print Specifications:

    Printed on a 20x30 sheer glossy metal surface in a gold gallery-grade float frame so that the image appears as though it is floating within the frame

    Image is infused into the surface (not on it) by infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets

    1/8 inch rounded corners

    Ultra-hard scratch-resistant surface

    Waterproof/Weatherproof (just avoid direct sunlight)

    Easily cleaned with window cleaner and soft rag

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