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Bonnie's Home
  • Bonnie's Home


    by Samuel Verhagen

    Nenana Alaska

    In a quiet town, on a little street, lay the home of a sweet aged woman. A widow, in fact, that has traveled the world and now sits down to rest from a life well lived. As she sits in her home staying warm from the cold and bitter night air, a torrent of light lashes out in the sky to reveal heavens glory and splendor. Dancing across the night sky, the aurora graces the little town, in a ribbon dance of the celestial. Yet as the night sky has just begun its performance, the dear grandmother now sleeps in her cabin to enjoy one more day of a life well lived and a calm that comes only with wisdom and age.



    Fine Art Photography Print on Glossy Metal

    Printed Signature of Photographer





    Print Sizes:

    8x12 Wall Art 1/2 inch float mount

    12x18 Wall Art with 1/2 inch float mount

    20x30 Wall Art with 1/2 inch float mount from wall 

    30x45 Wall Art with 1/2 inch float mount from wall


    Print Specifications (for all Metal Prints & Sizes):

    Glossy metal surface

    Image is infused into the surface (not on it) by infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets

    1/8 inch rounded corners

    Ultra-hard scratch-resistant surface

    Waterproof/Weatherproof (just avoid direct sunlight)

    Easily cleaned with window cleaner and soft rag

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