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Castle Rock Metal Art - Denali National Park
  • Castle Rock Metal Art - Denali National Park


    by Samuel Verhagen

    Denali National Park Alaska

    In a tiny coal town near the heart of Alaska, atop the hills that look over the vast and windy valley below, sits a castle of rock. Perhaps carved from centuries of formation, it rises like the castle of a king, mighty and majestic as if it its eminence rules the kingdom of man below. To the small child who knows one day they would climb to its towering peaks to the passer by, content only to gaze upon it, it stands as a symbol of majesty. Perhaps the treasure lies not in the vaults of the castle, but in the hearts of the individual who gazes upon this castle, etched in rock, atop a hill, in a little, unheard of, coal town.


    Fine Art Photography Print on Satin Canvas

    Signature of Photographer



    20x60 handcrafted Satin Canvas 

    1.5 inch depth natural wrap around a wood frame

    Gallery & Museum Grade Canvas: Archival-certified and OBA

    Acid-free, Neutral PH, Scratch-resistant Laminate Protective Coating with NO Additives or Agents

    It will never crack, fade, warp or crease

    Poly-Cotton Blend Matte Canvas

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