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Alaska Fisher of Men Metal Art
  • Alaska Fisher of Men Metal Art


    by Evelyn Adams

    Kenai Alaska


    On a day of little to no catch, the determination of a man, content to wade through currents and stand against the tide to capture his prize, has become not only a success story as shown in this symbolic portraiture, but it is also a symbol  to all who endeavor to capture their prize. Yet just as this man stood to win his prize so stood an artist, watching and waiting in the cold wind, for the right moment and composition to capture the efforts of a patient fisherman.  Each waiting for their prize, the one fishing for fish and the other searching for meaning: “Follow me and I will make you fishers of Men”

    Mathew 4:19


    Fine Art Photography Print on High-Glossy Metal

    Printed Signature of Photographer

    Limited Print Edition: 30x48 metal wall art

    Not Limited Print Edition: 5x7 w/metal easel back, 10x16  and 20x32 metal wall art



    Print Sizes:

    20x30 wall art w/ 1/2 inch float mount from wall 

    30x48 wall art w/ 3/4 inch float mount from wall


    Print Specifications (for all print sizes):

    Glossy metal surface

    Image is infused into the surface (not on it) by infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets

    1/8 inch rounded corners

    Ultra-hard scratch-resistant surface

    Waterproof/Weatherproof (just avoid direct sunlight)

    Easily cleaned with window cleaner and soft rag

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