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Alaskan Birch Hand-turned Wood Bowls
  • Alaskan Birch Hand-turned Wood Bowls


    Hand-turned Birch wood bowls from the woods of Alaska. All hand-turned wood bowls are done by the wood-turner John Lane from Anchorage, Alaska. He signs all his woodwork with the name “Dapaw,” a name his grandson who passed away with Leukemia called him. If you receive a bowl with an “*” — the Wood used to turn the bowl came from the woods of our yard in Nenana, Alaska.

    NOTE: Every bowl is unique in grain, texture, and variations of birch tone colors, as well as style and depth because they are hand-turned. That is the beauty of a hand-turned bowl. Bowls are selected at random, within the diameter range, for a variety of serving dishes. If particular about a serving style, deep or shallow, please specify. Due to the nature of sizing, bowls are not exact diameters and range in 6”-8”, 9”-10”, and 11”-12” sizes. Collect a set for your kitchen and entertain your guests with the beauty of an Alaskan hand-turned birch bowl.

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