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Alaska Midnight Train Canvas Art
  • Alaska Midnight Train Canvas Art


    by Evelyn Adams

    Alaska Railroad Crossing

    This sooty and well-traveled train crosses at an unexpected hour. The only opportunity for this worker train to do his duty is when the rails are quiet; during the midnight hours. Perhaps to make up for the lack of light and production in times of winter, the worker makes full use of his summer hours. Thus the unexpected crossing is not so unexpected for the Alaskan summer worker.


    Print Sizes 20x30 and 30x45

    Fine Art Photography Print on Satin Canvas

    Limited Prints

    Signature of Photographer



    20x30 or 30x45 handcrafted Satin Canvas 

    1.5 inch depth black wrap around a wood frame

    Gallery & Museum Grade Canvas: Archival-certified and OBA

    Acid-free, Neutral PH, Scratch-resistant Laminate Protective Coating with NO Additives or Agents

    It will never crack, fade, warp or crease

    Poly-Cotton Blend Matte Canvas

    Color Theme: Black & White
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