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To Alaskans Statewide:

The Nenana Bridges Festival idea is to celebrate the many bridges in Nenana, including our most recently finished bridge that connects to Agricultural land. The greater purpose of this festival is to "bridge the gap" between Alaskans and communities. Its purpose is also intended to help local Alaskans that depend on income from bazaars, fairs, festivals, and tourism to help meet their family needs. Due to unforeseen circumstances, many of the events within the state could not uphold mandates and guidelines set in place and therefore cancelled. A plan was made to have a secured gated environment along the river front that followed all state and CDC guidelines for large gatherings. Plans were made to close it off from the community with a separate entrance and included, one way walking traffic, temperature checks at entrance, sanitizer at booths, face masks, sanitizing personnel, etc., all within the planned gated area.

When the Nenana Bridges Festival idea was in the planning stages, a cancellation date was pre-set for July 15th, dependent on vendor participation, covering event expenses, sponsor involvement and the uncertainty of COVID. At the formation of the festival idea, COVID-19 active cases were at a minimum and the state was closed to allow for a more controlled environment. However, a decision was reached at the last meeting to RESCHEDULE THE EVENT FOR 2021 in hopes of having more time to prepare for the event, more participation, and more certainty with the future of COVID.

For those interested in being involved and volunteering in the future, meetings for the Nenana Tourism Association are held on the first Tuesday of every month. The purpose of the Nenana Tourism Association is to bring businesses, vendors, and non-profit organizations together in unity to help support each other. All who are willing to participate next year, please contact us.


Members of the Nenana Tourism Association

WHAT: Nenana Bridges Festival


TIME: 12pm-9pm Daily

WHERE: Nenana River Front


  • Nenana Ice Classic

  • Alaskan Gallery

  • Coghills General Store

  • Fox Hollow Peonies Farm

  • City of Nenana

  • Nenana Public Library

  • Nenana Fire Dept

  • Nenana RV Park

  • Miles of Alaska

  • and more.......

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